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    Contact Info

    Evann Siebens

    evann at evannsiebens dot com


    Evann Siebens makes media with movement. She has exhibited her projects at galleries such as Eyebeam and Centre Pompidou, while her documentaries have been screened at MOMA and on PBS. A former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and Bonn Ballet, Evann graduated from New York University. Now based in Vancouver, she has participated in residencies at the Banff Centre, UNIT/PITT and ACME with Keith Doyle. Evann recently won the ID/Identities Istanbul Best Video Prize, performed at the Western Front, and New Media Gallery, Vancouver. Recent exhibitions include MediaArtLab/Urban Screen, Russia, ISEA2015 Vancouver and Lincoln Centre Film Society, New York. Upcoming screenings include the FacadeFest on the exterior of the Vancouver Art Gallery. She is represented by Wil Aballe Art Projects in Vancouver.Curriculum Vitae


2015 / HD Video / Interactive installation with 9 iPads

A touch, a swipe, a double tap. Hand choreography results between three generations of women’s hands, performing and expanding on our everyday screen signals. The wrestling and shivering of a mother/daughter gesture refers to off-screen conflict in the same way a show-tune drummed out invokes tap-dance play. Inside the screen and out, the effects of time and age are pondered while simultaneously giving you the finger…


Gesture is part of MIMMiC: a 9 touch-screen interactive software platform. It exists in both single channel form and in multiple screen interactive form, using finger gestures (much like the hand choreography referenced in the media) to scroll through, synchronize, randomize and juxtapose the media.


Curated Video Program – WAAP Gallery
Toronto, Canada
October 2015

ISEA 2015
MIMMiC work-in-progress demonstration
Vancouver, Canada
August 2015

Gesture is part of MIMMiC
(Mobile Interactive Modular Multiscreen iPad Canvas)
Commissioned by On Main Gallery and Paul Wong Projects
With thanks to Pascale Theoret-Groulx

01. Single channel video is about
5:00 minutes long

02. Documentation of 9 iPad installation is 0:56 long

03. Clip from ISEA 2015 is
0:40 seconds long


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