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    Contact Info

    Evann Siebens

    evann at evannsiebens dot com


    Evann Siebens makes media with movement. She has exhibited her projects at galleries such as Eyebeam and Centre Pompidou, while her documentaries have been screened at MOMA and on PBS. A former dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and Bonn Ballet, Evann graduated from New York University. Now based in Vancouver, she has participated in residencies at the Banff Centre, UNIT/PITT and ACME with Keith Doyle. Evann recently won the ID/Identities Istanbul Best Video Prize and performed at Western Front, Vancouver. Recent exhibitions include MediaArtLab/Urban Screen, Russia, Burrard Arts Foundation, Gallery 295 and ISEA2015 Vancouver. Upcoming screenings include Lincoln Centre Film Society, New York, as part of Dance on Camera’s Experimental program. She is represented by Wil Aballe Art Projects in Vancouver.Curriculum Vitae


2016 / 16mm film / HD Video / 26 monitor installation

A mediated lexicon of how to shoot dance. Remixing her archive of 16mm film and years of shooting dance, Siebens creates a personal manifesto using film, collage, text and projection. Yvonne Rainer’s infamous ‘NO Manifesto’ is re-written, and William Forsythe’s alphabet of movement is referenced through 26 channels of media and alphabetized collage.


Siebens uses cinematic cues and remembered movement gestures to create her signature shooting style, using
the camera as an extension of her own moving body. The Indexical Dance-a-Thon projection is an emotional, messy montage, using visual phasing to jump cut across time and individual dancers. Shot in such seminal dance environments as Ballett Frankfurt in Germany and The Western Front in Canada, the 16mm fragments mix professional and amateur dancers, probing their gaze and the search for the sublime through simple improvisational gestures. Alphabet Index, 26 photographic collages of body imagery in negative and positive space, employs text fragments of dance, film and art terms to reveal the artist’s embedded canon of influence. For Siebens, the archive exists not only in her formidable media library – she has shot Lucinda Childs, Baryshnikov, Bill T. Jones, Justine A. Chambers and Jane Ellison – but also in the physical traces of film and video technology, old and new. To dance is a complex technological act.

Exhibitions + Screenings

Film Society of Lincoln Center
Dance on Camera Festival
Experimental Shorts Program
New York, New York
February 2017

Material Art Fair
WAAP Booth
Mexico City, Mexico
February 2017

Art Auction
Vancouver, Canada
November 2016

Western Front
Translating the Archive
Movement Arts
Vancouver, Canada
October 2016

WAAP – Wil Aballe Art Projects
Solo Exhibit
Vancouver, Canada
February 2016


The Dance Current
By Brynn McNab
September/October 2016

The Vancouver Sun
Art This Week Pick
February 24, 2016

by Michael Turner
February/March 2016

Performance, Place, and Politics
Review by Peter Dickinson
March 20, 2016

Canadian Art
Must-Sees March 17, 2017

An Exact Vertigo
Co-writing criticism led by Brynn McNab
March 19, 2016

Risograph Publication
Abstract written by Sunshine Frere

Exhibition Elements

A. The Indexical Dance-a-thon!
single channel video
4:16 minutes long (see video below)
B. The Mediated Archive
26 monitors of individual, archival media
C. The Alphabet
26 collages with photos + text
D. The NO Manifesto + Manifesto Salute
photographic diptych


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