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Evann Siebens
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    Contact Info

    Evann Siebens

    evann at evannsiebens dot com


    Evann Siebens makes media, performance and photos with movement. Her lens-based practice negotiates the human body as an archival site and the politics of the female gaze. She danced with the National Ballet of Canada and the Bonn Ballett before studying film production at New York University. Recent exhibitions and screenings include: Witte de With (Rotterdam, 2020), WAAP (Vancouver, 2019), Belkin Gallery (Vancouver 2018), Vancouver Art Gallery Façade Fest (Vancouver 2017). Evann recently screened a film at Lincoln Center in New York City and won the ‘Outstanding Overall Work’ prize at the Light Moves Festival in Limerick, Ireland. Her work from ‘A Performance Affair’ in Brussels, Belgium was featured on the front page of the International New York Times in 2019. She is represented by Wil Aballe Art Projects in Vancouver, Canada. Curriculum Vitae


2018 / 8 minutes / 16mm colour + B&W film

time reversal symmetry is part of LOoW – a collaboration between artists and scientists at TRIUMF: Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics. Shot on 16mm film, Siebens uses pedestrian movement to represent the oscillating dance between matter and antimatter.


In time reversal symmetry Siebens uses dance, movement and media to visually exemplify how neutrinos ‘oscillate’ between flavours when they travel. The switch between 16mm colour and B&W film represents the oscillating dance between matter and antimatter. Additionally she has played with the concepts of charge-parity symmetry and time-translation symmetry, as seen by mirroring and asymmetry. Artists working with the body and media are referenced, such as Yvonne Rainer, Trisha Brown and Bruce Nauman; particularly his 1966 film Manipulating the T-Bar. She was also interested in the multiple meanings behind the term ‘time-reversal’ and what that means for the aging technology of 16mm film, as well as the aging female body.

“We study this phenomenon using both neutrinos (matter) and anti-neutrinos (antimatter) and are looking to see [if] matter oscillates with a different frequency to antimatter. If true, this violates one of the symmetries of nature, time-reversal symmetry, and could explain why we live in a matter dominated universe.”

Mark Scott
Physicist at TRIUMF: Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science

Exhibitions + Screenings

Dublin Dance Festival
Dublin, Ireland
May 2019

ScreenDance Festival
Stockholm, Sweden
April 2019

Seyr Festival
Tehran, Iran
November 2018

Light Moves Festival of Screendance
WINNER of Festival Prize for Oustanding Overall Work
Limerick, Ireland
November 2018

Dance on Camera
Film Society of Lincoln Center
Walter Reade Theater
New York, USA
July 2018

Curated by Randy Lee Cutler +
Ingrid Koenig
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Vancouver, Canada
January 2018

Piano Sonata in A flat major by Beethoven
Performed by Angela Hewitt
Featuring Evann Siebens +
Pina Bausch the dog
Camera assistance – Sunshine Frere
TRIUMF physicist – Mark Scott
LOoW – Randy Lee Cutler + Ingrid Koenig


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